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Ways for your church to reach out

Church outreach. There are a million things that we could do. Jesus commanded us to go and make deciples but how do you do that? How do you reach todays tech savy but not church savy youth?

Go where they hang out. That is increasingly online in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Facebook is the fastest growing so I’ll use it as an example.

The first thing to do is set up an account. It’s painless and quick. Once you have your account set up start adding people to your friends list. Start by telling the youth you work with that you have an account and ask them to add you as their friend. Once you have friends you can go to their friends and add people you know.

Now that you have a few people you can start posting and reading posts. Post every day or two. That way people who don’t personally know you will come to know you by the posts you make. I recommend making personal posts and posts that are relevant to your kids. This could be a daily Scripture or something else that you want to pass along.

Spend time reading posts also. Kids put up personal information and you’ll be able to learn more about their life through Facebook. As you get to know them better you’ll be able to reach them.

If you’re the youth worker or have a small group you might want to consider adding your group to Facebook.

Facebook can be a great way to minister to your youth. If you have other ways that you are using Facebook let me know. I’m sure there are a lot of great ideas that I have not even thought of.


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Christian Halloween?

I was searching Google today and noticed how many people were typing in the search term “Christian Halloween”. That got me thinking and also gave me hope. A few years ago it seemed like most Christians did not want to participate in Halloween but now we are beginning to look at as an outreach opportunity.

And it is truely an ministry. Churches are having trunk-or-treat events and alternative Halloween parties and they are using these to reach out to their communities.

As a partner in Memory Cross we have felt that Halloween provided a number of opportunities to reach out. First for those communities that still trick or treat we have an opportunity to share the Gospel. The more facinating we can make the tract the more likely that it will get read.

For churches that are having Trunk-or-Treat events they can be a great outreach opportunity. Our church has done it for the last few years and we’ve had hundreds of kids from the community come out. They’ve enjoyed getting candy, eating hot dogs, playing games and riding on the hay ride. We’ve also provided information to each child and parent about our church.

Bill Gibson, one of the founders of Memory Cross said we’ll change Halloween to Hallelujah for the King.

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How to create a trunk or treat event

Trunk or Treat is a Halloween event that is often church or community-sponsored. People gather and park their cars in a large parking lot. They open their trunks or the backs of their vehicles and decorate them. Then they pass out candy from their trunks. The event provides a safe family environment for trick or treaters. This event normally draws a large number of kids from outside the church who’s parents are looking for a safe place for their kids to trick or treat.  Many churches provide some information about their church and present the Gospel.  Memory Cross cards are a favorite choice to use.

The them of the Halloween candy card is “What can be better than free candy?  The card then goes on to present the Gospel and provides a place where your church can invite them to come visit and find out more next Sunday.

When it comes to decorating your vehicle there are the obvious choices, like decorating for Halloween, using pumpkins, spider webbing, spiders, brooms, bats, cauldrons or fun stuff like the 50’s themes or cartoon characters.

If your church has the facilities consider including a hot dog or hamburger cook out, homemade ice cream, hay ride or some other activities.  These will not only draw more people in but provide more opportunities to draw people together.

Now that you have the idea for your trunk or treat it’s time to start thinking about how to promote it.  This will vary depending on where you live but here are a few ideas:

  1. Public Service announcements – Most papers and radio stations air public service announcements.  Plan on getting them in 30 days before your event.
  2. Flyers handed out to local daycares and sent home with parents who have children in your church.
  3. Posters put up at local stores.
  4. Newspaper advertisements
  5. Get church members to help spread the word
  6. Signage out in front of the church.

I’m sure there are more but if you do these things you’ll get a crowd.  What a wonderful way to be able to reach out to your community.  If you you have any other ideas that you want to add post them here.

If you are looking for a creative way to share the Gospel at Halloween then try “What could be better than Free Candy” Memory Cross card.  It makes a great trunk or treat gift.

Here is what Dawn Massa of Lightly Salted Graphics said:

This year, instead of getting myself all worked up over the idea that Christians don’t celebrate Halloween, I decided to take the “if ya can’t beat it, use it to your advantage” approach.  My 6-year old went to school as “Bibleman,”  I put pumpkins on my front lawn that spelled out the words “FEAR NOT,” and I ordered a few packs of your Memory Cross tracts to give out with the candy.

Walking home from my son’s elementary school, we always pass crowds of kids going in the opposite direction from the middle and high schools.  I took a pack of your tracks with me (and some candy) and offered both treats to every kid we passed.  The kids thought the tracts were TOTALLY COOL.  Only one problem… I ran out before I got half way home!

The same thing happened with the trick or treaters that rang my bell… the second pack was gone in less than an hour.  It broke my heart that I had the opportunity, but not the resources. Next year, I plan on ordering a LOT more.  (If you’re having an “After Halloween Sale” please let me know.)

Thanks for a truly unique tool to share the good news!

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What Bible stories do you want on the coloring cards?

Over the next few months we are going to be adding a number of new Memory Cross cards to help teach kids Bible stories. We need your help. Let us know what stories you would like to see produced.

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Affiliate program – what it is and how to make it work

Memory Cross PeruMemory Cross has an affiliate program where you can make money by letting people know about Memory Cross. Affliate marketing was made popular by internet giants such as Amazon. This is the way it works.

You sign up for the program and pick a text link, banner, or other form of advertising.

You include the information in your emails or post it to your website

When people come and click on the link a cookie is placed on their computer that tells the store that the person was sent by you.

If they order you receive a percentage of the sale.

    The Memory Cross affiliate program offers several other advantages.

    1. The cookies that are placed on the person’s computer never expire. What this means is that if that person goes to our site but does not buy, but decides to buy a year later you will still receive your commissions. (The only exception is if they have cleared their cookies manually from their computer or they have purchased a new computer). You receive 10% of the sale excluding shipping and taxes.
    2. If they decide to sign up for the affiliate program you will receive 10% of any sales that they make.

    So potentially you can receive 10% commissions on sales you make and 10% commissions on sales that are made from people who decide to join as a result of your efforts.

    That is basically how it works. The rest of this blog is dedicated to helping people make the affiliate program work for them. This is accomplished by sharing some basic strategy and talking about what works and does not work.

    If you have any comments please feel free to post them here.

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