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God + You + Opportunity = ??

I’ve been thinking a lot about what our communities would look like if we could share the love God has given us. I don’t

Life Cards by Memory Cross

mean on Sunday but everyday. Jesus says look around you the fields are ripe. People are hurting and need friends and hope and a purpose in life. Something that will give their life meaning.

Since developing the Life Cards my eyes have been opened to all the ways we can show people that God loves them: helping neighbors, visiting the sick, helping the homeless . . . The list goes on. There is also thanking your server at the restaurant, the check out person at your grocery store, the teller at your local bank.

What if you could provide an encouraging word or an uplifting thought or share the Gospel? What if you could invite them to your church? If millions of people did this every week?

God + You + Opportunity = ??


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Who’s kingdom are you building?

I have no one else like Timothy, who genuinely cares about your welfare. Paul had a number of people who were faithful ministers working along side him, yet he made this comment about Timothy.

That made me think about my life. Is that what people would say about me or do I put my interests above others? I’m afraid I know the answer and it’s not the one I had hoped for.

Jeremy Camp says “I want to be real. I want to lay it all down before the King. My desire is to be used by you. My desire is to do your will. To be used by you.”

I’ve seen what my life looks like when I put myself above God and I don’t like it. I pray that I may no longer put my desires above His. May I see through Jesus’s eyes.

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What does God care about?

In the Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren poses the question: What does God care about most? He goes on to answer it by saying that God cares about you and I the most. That is the reason he sent his son. His desire is that we will develop an intimate relationship with Him and he has gone to extreme measures to reach out to us.

Rick Warren also says that as we learn to love God we’ll become less interested in ourselves and more interested in God.

When you start to experience God’s working in your life you’ll become excited about the things of God. You’ll start to see things you never saw before. You’ll see God working in people’s lives and you’ll see ways that God will start using you.

It’s an exciting trip and it starts the day you say to God I want to follow you. Jesus said; You know the saying, ‘Four months between planting and harvest.’ But I say, wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe a for harvest.

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In what creative ways is your church reaching out to your community?

Reaching our communityWe’d like to create a place where churches can share ideas on how to reach out to their communities. Most churches are not growing, yet we have the best message on the planet. American corporations spend billions advertising their products while most churches remain silent. God is calling us to reach out to our neighbors. Let’s share ideas about what is working. Together we can learn from each other and touch millions of people with the Gospel message.

Some resources that are available are: Come Back Churches, Memory Cross,

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