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God + You + Opportunity = ??

I’ve been thinking a lot about what our communities would look like if we could share the love God has given us. I don’t

Life Cards by Memory Cross

mean on Sunday but everyday. Jesus says look around you the fields are ripe. People are hurting and need friends and hope and a purpose in life. Something that will give their life meaning.

Since developing the Life Cards my eyes have been opened to all the ways we can show people that God loves them: helping neighbors, visiting the sick, helping the homeless . . . The list goes on. There is also thanking your server at the restaurant, the check out person at your grocery store, the teller at your local bank.

What if you could provide an encouraging word or an uplifting thought or share the Gospel? What if you could invite them to your church? If millions of people did this every week?

God + You + Opportunity = ??


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How are you reaching the next generation?

Reaching the next generationThe message of the Gospel is timeless but the way that it is presented continues to evolve. What is your church doing to reach the next generation? What resources are available? We would like to  provide resources and links to help reach the next generation. One of the churches that is reaching young people is Mosaic. I would encourage you to check out what they are doing and even download their podcast.

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