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Affiliate program – what it is and how to make it work

Memory Cross PeruMemory Cross has an affiliate program where you can make money by letting people know about Memory Cross. Affliate marketing was made popular by internet giants such as Amazon. This is the way it works.

You sign up for the program and pick a text link, banner, or other form of advertising.

You include the information in your emails or post it to your website

When people come and click on the link a cookie is placed on their computer that tells the store that the person was sent by you.

If they order you receive a percentage of the sale.

    The Memory Cross affiliate program offers several other advantages.

    1. The cookies that are placed on the person’s computer never expire. What this means is that if that person goes to our site but does not buy, but decides to buy a year later you will still receive your commissions. (The only exception is if they have cleared their cookies manually from their computer or they have purchased a new computer). You receive 10% of the sale excluding shipping and taxes.
    2. If they decide to sign up for the affiliate program you will receive 10% of any sales that they make.

    So potentially you can receive 10% commissions on sales you make and 10% commissions on sales that are made from people who decide to join as a result of your efforts.

    That is basically how it works. The rest of this blog is dedicated to helping people make the affiliate program work for them. This is accomplished by sharing some basic strategy and talking about what works and does not work.

    If you have any comments please feel free to post them here.


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    1. If you do not have a website one of the best ways to generate commissions is simply by putting a link to Memory Cross on your emails. You will need to log into your account to get the link. Even though graphic links look great, studies have shown that simple text links actually work best.

      Then every time you send an email out it will contain information about Memory Cross.

      Comment by memorycrossinc | February 23, 2008 | Reply

    2. Another good way is to simply send an email out to people you know telling them about Memory Cross. We encourage you to write your own but the copy below has worked well for many people.

      “I want to let you know about a new site I found that I thought you would be interested in. Memory Cross has created a fun interactive card that is used to share the Gospel and teach kids Bible stories and Scripture. I received one and everyone I show it to is amazed at how it works. The site is (and put your link here)”

      Comment by memorycrossinc | February 23, 2008 | Reply

    3. […] Memory Cross Weblog wrote an interesting post today on Affiliate program – what it is and how to make it workHere’s a quick excerptYou receive 10% of the sale excluding shipping and taxes…. […]

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    4. I did receive the samples along with my order and we LOVE them!! How innovative! I keep them in my purse to show everyone and have joined the affiliate program and have info as a signature on my emails as well as on our blog.
      Thank you all for doing what you do for the Kingdom!! It is so incredible to see the creativity that God has blessed so many with, and Memory Cross is definitely creative and inspired!!
      Have a blessed week!
      In Christ,
      Stacey H Boiling Springs, SC

      Comment by Stacey H | September 17, 2008 | Reply

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